Stats Cog™


The Stats Cog™ is a solution for creating quick stats in Unity. You can place a Stats Cog™ on any GameObject to track its stats. Stats support equations such as "25.5 * Level ^ 2 + 87.5 * Level - 125" and can reference other stats to get their values, or they can have simple numeric values such as "1.3". Stats can regenerate over time or increment their values based on coditions such as "XP >= XPToLevel".

Effects can be applied to any Stats Cog™ and each effect can target multiple Stats with multiple modifers. For example our sample effect "BuffUps" targets HP (Maximum Value & Current Value), HRT and END all in a single effect. Effects can be stackable and have lifespans as well so they automatically end after a specific amount of time.

The Stats Cog™ can save and load all of its state data (including effects, values and time remaining on effects) to a file or any stream provided!